Signature tunes, anthems, call them what you may! I think every DJ will have a song that is their calling card.

Historically, the early sound systems had a tune they used to sign on and sign off. It’s the same way for a TV programme, a song becomes synonymous to the programme.

The same thing can be said for me playing the Audley and Granville Williams Orchestra with Ernest Ranglin song, ‘Hush Puppy’. Self-produced and arranged, it’s a family affair for both William’s brothers. It came out on the GWO label, which I guess must stand for Granville Williams Orchestra.

They were a 14-piece band that formed in 1964 and exploded on the scene with their entry into the band world. They made only a few records, all having that punchy brass sound which was their trademark.

Hush Puppy is the full package, catchy chorus, upbeat pace, great story and amazing instrumentation supplied by Ernest and Granville.

This tune is always in the box when I pack records to play. Members of the NiceUp Crew, have been there to experience this.

These days I host a night called the ‘Magnificent Seven’ in London, where I play only 7” singles. I also have a YouTube channel called the ‘Selectors Showcase’, where tunes get drawn on a weekly basis.

I try not to repeat records or be predictable, but when my Ska round comes around……Hush Puppy is never too far from the deck!

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