This is the album Ballistic Affair by Leroy ‘Don’ Smart. I chose this album because it is the first record I ever brought with my pocket money in 1977. I can still see myself walking down the street, trying to get home as quick as possible to put this on the turn table.

The man in the picture is my cousin and goes by the name of Gideon Green aka Double G. His Dad has a market stall in Ilford selling reggae, soul and calypso music. He also had a record shop in Manor Park, East London, called Vince’s Record Shop. 

Leroy Smart made great hits like ‘Pride and Ambition’, ‘Shame and Pride’, ‘Badness No Pay’ and ‘Jah Jah’ to name a few. He also appeared in one of my all time favourite movies called ‘Rockers’ which came out in 1978 and had a plethora of reggae stars. Anyone who hasn’t seen it must go ASAP and I promise that you won’t be disappointed.

I am in a sound system called Stylee Media and I got to record a few dub plates with Leroy Smart. It was a great honour to work in the studio with this living legend. 

Skanking around my living room to Ballistic Affair was a must at a young age and as I listen to it as a big man it brings me so many memories.

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