Day 7 – 22 August

It was nice to hang out with other reggae nerds in the media office and talk reggae all day. I was pleasantly suprised to hear that people had heard of us at NiceUp, and also how many people had heard of the New Zealand reggae scene, with the likes of Dub Terminator, Base FM, Katchafire, Cornerstone Roots, Naram, Red Robin, and Lion Rockers being mentioned in conservations. So big up to everybody in the New Zealand reggae scene listening, playing, and supporting the music we all love, so Aotearoa can start to get even more representation on the international scene.

It was a blessing to see the Twinkle Brothers perform. These living legends of reggae recorded first their first tune in 1964, so have been playing music for 50 years! My favourite Twinkle Brothers tune is “Since I Throw The Comb Away”, and it was a special moment hearing that tune live.

Onto Shaggy, whose opening tune was “Long Time” on the Street Bullies riddim, a mad party riddim I have playing for years. Shaggy brought the vibes and had the whole crowd bouncing and dancing. Of course he played his popular tunes like “Angel” and “Mr Boombastic”. I was really surprised how much I enjoyed his set as opposed to when I saw him at Raggamuffin in 2010.

I then saw dancehall legend Tony Screw “Downbeat The Ruler”, and heard some classic tunes and one of a kind dub plate specials.

Day 8 – 23 August

Last day of Rototom, after eight straight days of music, knowledge, learning, swimming, and relaxing, there was definitely a feeling of sadness in the air as things came to a close, and people reflected on an amazing few days.

I stayed nearly the whole night at the Dub Academy, as I hadn’t spent much time there, and it put me in a relaxed, reflective mood. Green Light Sound and Black Board Jungle Sound played really nice dub, then Stand High Patrol took over and took the vibe to the next level. There was so much energy from the people with Pupa Jim inna dub a dub style. It was a really nice end to the festival.

Overall, how to explain the experience of Rototom? All I can say is that if you like reggae and related culture (Rastafari, ital, conscious, history) then come to Rototom and experience it for yourself.

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