The Commons

The Commons EP
Label: Exit Records

Oliver Perryman aka FIS follows up from the ‘Duckdive EP’ 12” vinyl release with a big six-track EP release on D Bridges Exit Records.

The vibes coming out of these tunes and many other dubs from this young Wellingtonian producer are truly immersive. ‘The Commons’ feels like you have walked in to the depths of some old, fogged out, eroded cinematic dancehall bunker with bass bins rattling the floorboards. As the sounds of steroscopic voodoo fx and spooky soul vocals leave the mind to wonder in atmospheric exploration.

Another feature track, ‘Patupaiarehe’, has the kind of immense earthquake dancehall bass that reminds me of the attitude of The Bugs ‘Freak Freak’, which is probably why I love this tune so much.

I think there is a unique, expressive kiwi soundscape to this EP and a controlled sensibility to the FIS sound. From hearing FIS develop and nurture his sound over the last three years, from his early dubs like ‘Roland’, ‘Out to the Crew’ and ‘Club’, I knew it was only time before he was going to drop an impressive release on a respected label like Exit.

‘The Commons’ EP also includes ‘Club Track’ and ‘We Cross Tracks’, two classic Wellington dubs that have seen much airplay and support on the Homebass show and Rinse FM as well as several runs in the Wellington clubs from the Strictly138 crew over the last two years.

Although this EP never reached vinyl release, just like this years Oris Jay release, ‘To the Fly’ on Texture Records, the result of Olivers hard work and focus on quality sound design is clearly shown in this killer release.

If he’s ever playing in your area be sure to check him out, preferably at night with well built sound or alternatively 6.1 surround sound 😉

Big up the FIS.

P-Vans (Strictly 138 Crew, Wellington)
(P-Vans Facebook page)